Balance the Budget Amendment


We support the BBA (Balanced Budget Amendment) and CFA Compact for America. CFA is a very safe tool for amending the Constitution of the United States of America. Contrary to what many erstwhile and doubiously presented conservative groups may tell you, “We the People” can safely amend the U.S. Constitution. (learn more here)


Ohio legislators that are committed to supporting the BBA and the Compact for America mechanism for swiftly amending the Constitution of the United States.


Industries and working families that support and endorse the Balanced Budget Amendment and Compact for America

Energy-IconWe support a state and national energy policy that augments our healthcare, clean water production, and industry (learn more here)

Ohio-Politicians-that-support-the-CFASee which Ohio State and Federal legislators support a rational energy policy.

CFA-industrySee which industries and working families support a rational long-term energy plan for Ohio and for the United States

If I wanted America to Fail!