Compact For America

A method to call for a Balanced Budget Amendment

A Convention to propose amendments to the United States Constitution, also called an Article V Convention, or Amendments Convention, is one of two procedures for proposing amendments to the United States Constitution described in Article Five of the Constitution. The other method is a vote by two-thirds of each house of Congress. The Compact for America is a compact between participating states on the form and function of a convention to propose Amendments. The current Compact only addresses Balancing the Budget.

  • Unlimited borrowing capacity fuels unsustainable political promises.
  • The average taxpayer owes roughly $160,000 of our nearly $20 trillion national debt.
  • The average taxpayer faces roughly $1,500,000 in tax liability for entitlement programs.
  • The Political Class is refusing to change course.
  • Our kids face a future of high taxation.

The powers of the U.S. Constitution are enumerated under the tenth Amendment. Any power not reserved to the Federal government is reserved to the states or to the people. The U.S. Constitution does not specify that the Federal government has the power to determine the form and the function of a convention for proposing amendments. This means if we want to have a controlled convention for proposing amendments the states have to sign an agreement. That is what the Compact For America is.

Why Compact For America?

The Reasons You’ll Love It



The Compact pre-commits 38 states and simple majorities of Congress for proposing a federal Balanced Budget Amendment before an Article V convention is organized.



The Compact promises safety by limiting the Article V convention it organizes to a 24 hour up-or-down vote on a specific federal Balanced Budget Amendment.



The Compact furnishes speed by consolidating into one bill everything the states do in the amendment process and everything Congress does into one resolution.



The Compact’s Balanced Budget Amendment enforces a glide path to balanced budgets by limiting Washington’s borrowing capacity to 105% of the outstanding debt on ratification and otherwise restricting federal spending to revenue at all times.



The proposed Balanced Budget Amendment by Compact For America and the Coalition of Freedom keeps all responsible revenue options on the table, but encourages spending reductions before tax increases to close deficits.



The Amendment handles national emergencies with release valves that do not enable easy evasion of its limit on federal borrowing capacity, such as requiring a majority of state legislatures to approve any increase in the federal debt limit.

An Intervention for Congress

The Debt

Very few would argue that our debt is unsustainable. The question is how do you fight Congress? Most believe it is an impossible task but, we have been very close to taking our country back on more than one occasion.

The Key are our States

The States have the Constitutional authority to reign in an out of control government – just no one could figure out how to have all the States to work together.

Rocketing to Success

The full proof pact of cooperation between the States that the Compact For America has developed is a quick and full-proof method for having a convention.

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The Coalition of Freedom formed in the footsteps of the Ronald Reagan legacy, believes that some divine inspiration and the lessons learned from the life of Ronald Regan will help us save our free nation. The Coalition of Freedom wants to be that driving force of limited government and rugged individualism.

These are the issues that crossed party lines then and they will cross party lines now! American Exceptionalism, Energy Independence, and Limited Government were the hallmarks of the Reagan administration and we feel they continue to be worthy causes for the patriot movement of today. The federal government is standing in our way of making use of our own energy resources under the guise of environmental safety.

Core Issues

Balanced Budget 100%
Energy 100%
Taxation 100%
Banking and Money Creation 100%

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