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Green energy mandates have cost many European Countries their prosperity and have not improved their environment. Do we not owe it to our children to repeal these onerous laws so they have a chance at an Ohio better than what we have?


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24 Apr 2014
By sgorham “Coal-fired power plants are closing, unable to meet EPA environmental guidelines. Nuclear plants are aging and beset by mounting losses, driven by negative pricing from subsidized wind systems. Without a return to sensible energy policies, prepare for higher prices and electrical grid failures.” Americans take electricity for granted. Electricity powers our lights, our computers, our offices, and our industries. But misguided environmental policies are eroding the...
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23 Apr 2014
By wlusvardi Bill Roberts, economist for the Bay Area Economic Forum, warned in a 2007 study on the municipalization of local power purchases and generation in California: If Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) operates any retained generation and Sonoma Clean Power purchases 100% of its power supply in the competitive market, Sonoma cannot avoid higher average electricity rates than PG&E unless it subsidizes rates (or someone wins the gamble of ‘beating the market’). [page 13,...
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22 Apr 2014
By rbradley “[It] is very frustrating that after 25 years of the anti-pessimists being proven entirely right, and the doomsayers being proven entirely wrong, their credibility and influence waxes ever greater. That’s the bad news. The good news is that there is every scientific reason to be joyful about the trends in the condition of the Earth, and hopeful for humanity’s future, even if we are falsely told the outlook is grim. So Happy Earth Day.” [Editor note: This post...
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21 Apr 2014
By jrust “Our science programs should stimulate students to have an inquiring mind–the very opposite of the science-is-settled, “consensus science” mindset. Obama’s Common Core is a Trojan Horse mixing propaganda with science in our youth…. [Such] one-size-fits-all learning smacks of collectivism in place of individual initiative.” At a Chicago fundraiser May 29, 2013, President Obama chillingly stated, “I don’t have much patience for people who...
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17 Apr 2014
By wlusvardi • Green Power Keeps Shifting Costs to Ratepayers Who Don’t Use It • What’s Best Way to Save Water and Energy During CA Drought? • CA Desert Solar Tower Project Zoning Shifts Pollution to Las Vegas • Appeals Court Rejects Nat Gas Power Plant on Same Day as Power Alert • State Senate President Call for Carbon Tax on Gasoline • L.A. Times Undermining of Climate Change Could Affect Court Fights • Union Hires Pollster on Shifting to Municipal Power in Davis, California Green Power...
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16 Apr 2014
By gschleede “The April 3rd action by the Senate Finance Committee certainly helps explain why a recent Gallup Survey shows that Congress currently has a 13% favorability rating. If the nation’s ‘Millennials’ understand how the Congress is adding to the debt that they and their children will bear, they may assign an even lower rating!” Once again, the Senate Committee that manages to make life miserable for millions of tax-paying Americans with its manipulation of the U.S. Tax Code, is...
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15 Apr 2014
By rbradley “Negative prices are not the goal of any healthy economy, yet the PTC fosters this behavior at the expense of other, reliable generation. Building more infrastructure to correct for this problem is exactly the wrong thing to do.” The last extension of the federal production tax credit (PTC) [1], its eighth in over twenty years, expired at the end of 2013 and the industry is again clamoring for another extension. But this time, big wind is facing a more sophisticated argument...
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14 Apr 2014
By jdroz The Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions (AWED) is an informal coalition of individuals and organizations interested in improving national, state, and local energy & environmental policies. Our basic position is that technical matters like these should be addressed by using Real Science. It’s all spelled out at, which is a wealth of energy and environmental resources. A key element of AWED’s efforts is public education. Towards that end, every 3 weeks we put...
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11 Apr 2014
By slange “We ask that you deny any permit to LEEDCo for siting of 6-9 turbines in Lake Erie…. Sadly, it is extremely easy to refute and challenge the environmental guidance this project is putting before you. It is disappointing that this project has progressed even thus far.” Many groups and individuals from OHIO and Canada and Europe, who care deeply about wildlife, birds, bats and habitat, have been communicating their concerns with the LEEDCo “Incubator” project proposed for 6-9...
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10 Apr 2014
By slange [Editor note: The Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation (LEEDCo) has proposed to erect between six and nine industrial wind turbines just off the shore of Cleveland. The so-called INCUBATOR project is currently before the Ohio Power Siting Board.] “We are thrilled to have the strong support of the environmental community in Ohio,” said LEEDCo President Lorry Wagner, citing letters from the Ohio Environmental Council, Nature Conservancy, Environment Ohio, Sierra Club, Mom’s...
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09 Apr 2014
By jrust “Natural forces causing climate change such as solar sunspots, earth’s orbit changes, ocean currents, volcanoes, etc. are considered unimportant during this period of increased fossil-fuel-produced carbon dioxide (mid-20th century to the present).  This is a serious distortion of the simple meaning of the term climate change.” On March 31, the New York Times featured an article by Justin Gillis “Panel’s Warning on Climate Risk:  Worst is Yet to Come” that reported findings in the...
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08 Apr 2014
By rbradley “Policies that force use of more expensive, less reliable energy push costs throughout the economy and place the heaviest burden on the world’s poor and low-income citizens. We need all forms of energy to address global needs, and we must recognize the strengths and limitations of each choice.  Advanced coal is the sustainable fuel at scale that can meet these needs.” - Gregory Boyce, CEO, Peabody Energy, April 3, 2014. Peabody Energy–“the world’s largest...
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07 Apr 2014
By rbradley “As citizens, we need to call on our leaders to make thoughtful choices about where to site industrial-scale development and renewable energy projects, and to create a legacy for our national parks and to public lands everywhere.” - Mark Butler, “Saving the Mojave from the Solar Threat,” Los Angeles Times , March 25, 2014. “‘Soft’ energy sources are horribly land intensive…. The greenest possible strategy is to mine and to bury, to fly and to tunnel, to search high and low,...
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04 Apr 2014
By jneeley “Conservative Me Too-ism is well represented in Responsibility & Resilience, at times almost to the point of tedium. The two American politicians with entries in the volume – former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg – are not exactly known as movement conservatives. And their entries do not disappoint.” For many people, “conservative environmentalism” sounds oxymoronic. Since the rise of environmentalism in the 1960s,...
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03 Apr 2014
By rbradley “Beware, the youth should also be told, of Climate Kings, Climate Queens, Climate Duces, and worse masquerading as infallible purveyors of truth. Climate Planning is the fatal conceit of Economic Planning on stilts.” As has been well reported in the media, public opinion polls rate climate-change concerns at the bottom of environmental issues, not just issues in general (Gallup: 14 of 15, analyzed here). And the other side is getting increasingly desperate in their...
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02 Apr 2014
By wlusvardi “It has been lauded as the world’s largest solar power plant, but the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (ISEGS) could also be called the world’s largest gas-fired power plant (largest in physical size, not gas consumption).” Chris Clarke continues in his piece, “Ivanpah Solar Plant Owners Want to burn a Lot More Natural Gas” (KCET, March 27, 2014): Each of the 4,000-acre facility’s three units has gas-fired boilers used to warm up the fluid in the turbines in...
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01 Apr 2014
By rbradley If a New York Times editorial can debunk the population scare (“Overpopulation Is Not the Problem,” 9-14-2013), surely it is time for The ONION to go to school on alarmism in all of its flavors. Political satire and parodies are forces for challenging and correcting the Shared Narrative and political correctness. As a step in this direction, and given it is April 1st, here are a few homemade headlines. (And MasterResource should not be serious all the time.) Here are...
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31 Mar 2014
By rbradley “[The AERA] will prevent federal regulation of hydraulic fracturing, facilitate the expansion of domestic refining capacity, improve processes to develop energy infrastructure, stop EPA overreach and its war on coal, force Congress and the President to approve any new EPA regulations that kill jobs, broaden energy development on federal land, open offshore exploration, expand U.S. energy exports, and dedicate additional revenues to debt reduction.” “Only a crisis – actual...
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28 Mar 2014
By wyeatman “[P]eople are living longer and healthier because the world is wealthier, and fossil energy supports economic growth and technological progress in scores of countries around the world.” - Marlo Lewis, “‘Sustainability’: Some Free Market Reflections,” February 11, 2011. Annually since 2009, my colleague Michelle Minton has organized a celebration of economic liberty for one hour at the end of March, known as Human Achievement Hour. (See here, here, here, and here.) This year, the...
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27 Mar 2014
By jrust Last month, the United States National Academies of Sciences (NAS) issued the following news release inviting the public to a joint meeting with the UK Royal Society: Join NAS and The Royal Society for the Launch of a Joint Publication on Climate Change Science On Thursday, February 27th, the US National Academy of Sciences and The UK’s Royal Society cordially invite the public to the release of Climate Change: Evidence & Causes, a new publication produced jointly by the...
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