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Buffett: Higher gas prices won’t derail economic recovery

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett expressed confidence Monday that surging oil and gasoline prices won’t halt the country’s economic recovery.

“They’re a minus, but I don’t see them stopping things,” Buffett said on CNBC.

Tensions with Iran and other factors have sent oil prices to their highest levels since last May, and pump prices are rising alongside crude […]

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EPA: Greenhouse gas permits won’t target smaller sources

The Environmental Protection Agency doesn’t plan — at least for now — to expand greenhouse gas permitting requirements beyond major industrial polluters like power plants, refineries and other big industrial sites.

“We have found that the capabilities of the state permitting authorities have not improved to the extent necessary for additional sources to be brought into […]

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TransCanada Corp. to begin construction of Keystone pipeline

TransCanada Corp. said Monday it plans to begin building a major portion of the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline despite the Obama administration’s decision to reject a key permit for the project.

The company told the State Department in a letter Monday that it will begin construction of a section of the pipeline that runs from […]

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Rep. Hoyer skeptical on tapping petroleum reserve

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said Monday that he is skeptical that the United States can combat rising gasoline prices by tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR).

“The higher gets the more pressure there will be … whether that will lower prices, I personally am not confident it will do that,” […]

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Senate GOP slams Schumer’s push for Saudis to ramp up oil production

Senate Republicans are bashing Sen. Charles Schumer’s (D-N.Y.) call for increased Saudi Arabian oil production to help ease prices, alleging it shows that Democrats are weak when it comes to boosting North American energy supplies and jobs.

Schumer on Sunday urged Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to press Saudi officials to expand production, noting that […]

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Nuclear Ammonia

The liquid fluoride thorium reactor (LFTR) has the potential to make electric power cheaper than from coal. Typical costs for electric power bought by US utilities average around 5-6 cents per kilowatt hour generated by coal, hydro, and natural gas sources. Government regulations are requiring utilities to buy solar- and wind-generated power at 20-30 cents/kWh. […]

“Is Nuclear Waste Really Waste?” one year later

Here’s what I was doing a year ago today:

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Nuclear Cement

In the recent Nuclear Ammonia article post, ammonia was illustrated as a fuel that could propel vehicles in a zero carbon era. Despite our best efforts in developing new internal combustion engines and direct ammonia fuel cells, there will continue to be a role for carbonaceous fuels. Gasoline and jet fuel have double the volumetric […]

Remembrances of Dr. Kazuo Furukawa

Dr. Ritsuo Yoshioka of the International Thorium Molten-Salt Forum has relayed some sad news to us:

“This is a very sad notice. Professor Kazuo Furukawa passed away on December 14th 2011. He had a cancer surgery in last summer, and he once came back. In last October, he gave several lectures at different seminars, and gave […]

Ammoniac Nucléaire

Energy from Thorium reader Raul Parolari thought that some of our posts should be presented in other languages, so he offered this translation to French.

Le LFTR (Réacteur à Fluorure Liquide de Thorium) a le potentiel pour rendre l’énergie électrique moins chère que celle basée sur le charbon. Les coûts typiques de l’énergie électrique – produite […]