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Republican senators warn of ‘competitive harm’ from oil rule

Two GOP senators are pressing the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to give oil and mining companies leeway in complying with upcoming rules that require disclosure of payments to foreign governments, including a key exemption from the mandate.

A new letter to regulators from Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and John Cornyn (R-Texas) fuels an increasingly high-profile […]

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Bingaman launches uphill battle with ‘clean’ power proposal

Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Chairman Jeff Bingaman (D-N.M.) floated highly anticipated legislation Thursday to reduce power plant pollution by mandating greater use of low-carbon energy sources.

The legislation, known as the Clean Energy Standard Act of 2012, faces major hurdles in Congress, but will likely serve as a rallying cry for Democrats and renewable […]

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Koch brothers accuse Obama campaign of intimidation tactics

Billionaire conservative activists Charles and David Koch said President Obama’s reelection campaign is trying to intimidate people by demanding to see a donor list for their group, Americans for Prosperity (AFP). 

The accusation is the latest volley in an ongoing war of words between the two camps. 

Phillip Ellender, president of public affairs for the Koch Companies, […]

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Gingrich says Obama should fire energy secretary for remark about gas prices

Republican candidate Newt Gingrich said President Obama should fire Energy Secretary Steven Chu following his remark this week that reducing gas prices is not the “overall goal” of his agency.

Gingrich said President Obama’s continued support for Chu signals a commitment to “his radical ideology, which wants to artificially raise the cost of energy.”

“Just this week, […]

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Obama asks Congress to vote down oil industry tax breaks

President Obama urged Congress Thursday to vote in the coming weeks to repeal billions in oil industry tax breaks in an attempt to parry growing Republican attacks on the White House over high gas prices.

“I am asking Congress to eliminate this oil industry giveaway right away,” Obama said during a speech at Nashua Community College […]

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Amid rising gas prices, Obama to call for vote on killing oil tax breaks

President Barack Obama intends to press lawmakers Thursday to quickly strip billions of dollars in oil industry tax breaks, remarks that will come during his second energy-themed speech in two weeks aimed at blunting GOP attacks over gasoline prices.

Obama will speak Thursday afternoon at Nashua Community College in the swing state of New Hampshire.

“In Nashua, […]

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News bites: Pondering $5-per-gallon gasoline

The New York Times has a front-page story on the possibility that gasoline prices could surge to $5-per-gallon.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Shell is taking the fight to environmentalists as the oil giant seeks to drill off Alaska’s coast.

“Royal Dutch Shell launched an extraordinary preemptive legal strike Wednesday against opponents of offshore oil drilling […]

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Sen. Murkowski: Focus should be energy, not on contraception

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) isn’t saying how she’ll vote Thursday on allowing employers to deny contraceptive coverage if it violates their religious views — and she would rather see the Senate focused on energy.

“I am not going to answer that one,” Murkowski told reporters when asked about her vote on Sen. Roy Blunt’s (R-Mo.) amendment […]

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Obama campaign fires back, dares Koch brothers to reveal group’s donors

The war of words between the Obama reelection campaign and billionaire conservative activists Charles and David Koch escalated Wednesday.

The president’s campaign manager, Jim Messina, sent a letter to Philip Ellender, Koch’s president for government and public affairs, disputing Ellender’s claim that an organization partially backed by the brothers represented the interests of thousands of grassroots […]

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OVERNIGHT ENERGY: Obama takes energy pitch north amid partisan warfare

State of play: President Obama will take his energy message on the road again Thursday with a speech in the swing state of New Hampshire, which he carried in 2008.

The president will appear at Nashua Community College to “discuss his blueprint for an economy built to last with a focus on American energy,” according to […]

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