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News bites: Obama, states seek to speed Great Lakes wind farms

The Associated Press reports that the Obama administration has reached a deal with five states aimed at spurring construction of wind farms in the Great Lakes.

“Under the deal, which administration officials disclosed to The Associated Press ahead of an announcement scheduled for Friday, state and federal agencies will craft a blueprint for speeding regulatory review […]

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Senate defeats Democrats’ measure to kill off ‘Big Oil’ tax breaks, 51-47

The Senate on Thursday thwarted Democratic plans to strip billions of dollars in tax breaks from the largest oil companies, just an hour or so after President Obama urged the chamber to kill off the deductions. 

Lawmakers voted 51-47 to move forward with Sen. Robert Menendez’s (D-N.J.) bill. Sixty votes were needed to advance the measure.

Two […]

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House GOP takes aim at stimulus grants for renewables

House Republicans are broadening attacks against White House energy
programs by targeting grants for renewable electricity projects issued
under the 2009 stimulus law, alleging the administration isn’t backing
up its job-creation claims.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Thursday bashed the administration for failing to respond thus far to letters from Energy and Commerce Committee Republicans seeking information about […]

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OVERNIGHT ENERGY: Lawmakers head home to face constituents angry about gas prices

State of play: With the two-week congressional recess officially under way, lawmakers are headed back to their home states to face constituents who are fuming about high prices at the pump.

And the White House hopes Republicans that voted against a measure to repeal oil company tax breaks get an earful from constituents at pancake breakfasts […]

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E.ON pulls out of new nuclear in the UK

For several years, the United Kingdom has been planning for the deployment of up to 12 new nuclear reactors to replace the advanced gas-cooled reactors that will be shut down over the next 12 years.

To that end, eight sites were identified around England and Wales that would be permitted to host new nuclear plants. […]

MSC’s Steve Forde in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Natural Gas Facts

March 29, 2012 In the News, Newsroom
MSC’s Steve Forde in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Natural Gas Facts

It’s startling how many facts were wrong in a recent letter ranting about the natural gas industry (“Big Gas and Legislators Are Taking Us Down a Frightening […]

Wilkes-Barre Citizens’ Voice: Women at Work in the Marcellus Shale Industry

March 29, 2012 In the News, Newsroom
Wilkes-Barre Citizens’ Voice: Women at Work in the Marcellus Shale Industry

As a result of the Marcellus Shale industry, Linde Construction has doubled in size in two years and now employs about 300 people, said president Scott […]

Senate Republicans take aim at Obama gas ‘fracking’ regulations

Senior Senate Republicans are floating legislation that would slam the brakes on Obama administration efforts to expand regulation of the controversial oil-and-gas drilling method called “hydraulic fracturing” on federal lands.

Sen. James Inhofe (Okla.), the ranking Republican on the Environment and Public Works Committee, is the lead sponsor, and the seven other backers include Sen. Lisa […]

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McConnell laughs off Dems’ political strategy over ‘Big Oil’ bill

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) scoffed at Senate Democrats’ pending legislation to raise taxes on the nation’s largest energy producers on Thursday, saying their political strategy to score points off the bill had backfired.

“Somehow they thought that doing this would set up some kind of a political win for them, which I, frankly never […]

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Obama challenges Senate to repeal billions in oil industry tax breaks

President Obama used a Rose Garden speech Thursday to ratchet up pressure on Congress to repeal billions of dollars in tax breaks for the largest oil companies, casting Republican opponents of the measure as pawns of Big Oil.

“Today, members of Congress have a simple choice to make,” Obama said. “They can stand with the big […]

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