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RNC ad hits Obama for ‘failed investments’ in Solyndra, green energy

The Republican National Committee continued GOP efforts to use failed solar firm Solyndra to hammer President Obama’s job-creation record Thursday with a new attack ad.

The Web video, titled “Obama’s failed investments,” accuses the president of […]

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Mitt Romney makes surprise campaign stop at Solyndra factory

Mitt Romney made a surprise campaign stop Thursday at Solyndra, the solar company that filed for bankruptcy last year after receiving more than $500 million in federal loan guarantees from the Energy Department.

Flanked by a large “For Sale” sign outside the factory that once housed the solar panel manufacturer, Romney derided the plant as a […]

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News bites: See you next week

News bites, our morning summary of need-to-know energy news from around the Web, will return Tuesday, June 5.

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Bain, Solyndra now center stage in Romney, Obama economic fight

Solyndra and Bain Capital have become the battleground on which President Obama and Mitt Romney are warring over who would best lead the U.S. economy. 

Obama’s top aides on Wednesday, for a second day in a row, sought to prevent Romney’s attacks on the bankrupt, taxpayer-backed solar company Solyndra from overshadowing the Obama campaign’s criticism of […]

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Obama administration hits Chinese wind energy tower exports with new tariffs

The Commerce Department made a preliminary decision Wednesday to impose new tariffs on imports of wind energy towers from China, the latest volley in an escalating trade war between the two superpowers over expanding green technology markets.

The move by Commerce also reflects a show of strength by the Obama administration against China at a time […]

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Analysis: Bush’s EPA tougher on oil-and-gas companies than Obama’s

A new Associated Press analysis might complicate Republican efforts to cast the Environmental Protection Agency under President Obama as an overzealous department that’s hostile to oil and natural-gas producers.

The AP studied a decade worth of enforcement data and discovered that “the EPA went after producers more often in the years of Republican President George W. Bush, […]

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News bites: Coal’s uncertain future, Justice Dept. probes BP spill rate claims, and more

The New York Times travels to Kentucky to report on stiff headwinds facing the coal industry as utilities switch to natural gas.

The paper reports that “coal is in a corner.”

“Across the United States, the industry is under siege, threatened by new regulations from Washington, environmentalists fortified by money from Michael R. Bloomberg, the billionaire mayor […]

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Pelosi slams Romney, GOP for criticizing Obama’s ‘risk’ on Solyndra

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Republicans are exposing themselves as hypocrites by criticizing President Obama’s support for the failed solar firm Solyndra.

Republicans have focused on Solyndra, which went bankrupt after receiving a federal loan guarantee, to make the case that Obama has been “wasting” taxpayer money on green-energy programs.    

But Pelosi said the Republican attacks […]

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White House disputes Solyndra-Bain Capital comparison

The White House aimed Tuesday to squash comparisons between Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital and the administration’s financial support for green energy companies that have struggled, including the bankrupt solar firm Solyndra.

White House Press […]

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Super Fuel: Thorium, the Green Energy Source for the Future

With my companions—John Kutsch, the owner of an engineering design firm in Chicago; Bruce Patton, a scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 30 miles or so up the road; and Kirk Sorensen, an engineer at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama—I clambered over a dilapidated chain-link fence and walked […]