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Solar lobby wants grant program extended

A top solar energy lobby is pressuring the Senate Finance Committee to extend a program that partially reimburses solar photovoltaic installation costs.

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) published a memo Wednesday urging people to contact their senators in support of the Treasury Department’s 1603 program. The federal grant program has funded 33,000 solar projects and […]

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White House official: Congress ‘short-sighted’ on biofuels

Congress “needs to get beyond short-sightism” that is stunting investment in and handcuffing Defense Department use of biofuels, a senior White House energy official said Wednesday at a conference in Washington, D.C.

Heather Zichal, the White House deputy assistant for energy and climate change, told attendees at an Energy Department conference on biomass that lawmakers have […]

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House advances strategic mineral mining bill

The House on Wednesday afternoon approved a rule setting up debate and a vote on a bill aimed at streamlining the permitting process for the mining of rare-earth minerals.

Members voted 245-180 in favor of the rule, and the House is expected to approve the bill Thursday. Ten Democrats joined Republicans in supporting the rule.

Republicans say […]

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Rep. Pompeo: Ethanol fuel blend OK, but keep government out of it

Giving Kansans the opportunity to fill up using gas with a 15 percent ethanol content is a good thing, but government backing for the fuel isn’t, Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) told The Hill on Wednesday.

The Renewable Fuels Association announced Wednesday that two Kansas gas stations will become the first in the nation to offer E15. […]

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OVERNIGHT ENERGY: Loan guarantee battle flares in House

State of Play: House Republicans will take fresh shots at the Energy Department’s (DOE) loan guarantee program Thursday, with the House Energy and Commerce Committee holding a hearing about the GOP’s “No More Solyndras” bill.

The draft legislation – named after the failed DOE-backed solar company – would sunset the loan guarantee program; place new parameters […]

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News bites: Global warming fuels wild weather, US poised to allow energy investments in Burma, and more

The New York Times unwraps a report showing that some of the weather extremes afflicting people around the world have become more likely because of global warming.

“A new study found that global warming made the severe heat wave that afflicted Texas last year 20 times as likely as it would have been in the 1960s,” […]

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GOP questions ethanol’s viability as E15 gas blend pumps

The nation’s first 15 percent ethanol blend will begin fueling vehicles next week at a Kansas gas station. 

Any light-duty vehicle manufactured since 2001 can use the E15 gas pumps at the Zarco 66 “Oasis” station in Lawrence, Kan., which will begin using the pumps on July 18, the Renewable Fuels Association said Wednesday. 

A second E15 […]

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Romney surrogate: ‘He’s certainly not a denier’ on climate

A Romney campaign representative said Wednesday that the presumptive GOP White House nominee is “certainly not a denier” of global warming, but attacked “unilateral” U.S. efforts to regulate emissions, arguing they will hurt the economy.

Linda Stuntz, speaking for Mitt Romney at a debate against an Obama campaign representative, said Environmental Protection Agency regulations will “hamstring” […]

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Romney surrogate says wind energy credit stance not set

A surrogate for GOP White House hopeful Mitt Romney said Wednesday that the presumptive nominee wants to end the production tax credit for wind energy projects, but is still deciding how the popular incentive should be phased out.

Romney’s stance could be critical for the wind energy industry, which is lobbying hard to maintain the incentive […]

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GOP puts biofuels on the chopping block

The biofuels industry is at loggerheads with House Republicans, who are eyeing its funding for elimination in the farm bill.

Biomass and biofuels groups warn that the loss of $800 million in guaranteed federal support would stall progress in developing the fuel source and cause job losses in rural communities that can least afford it.

The industry […]

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