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GE blames drop in wind turbine sales on tax uncertainty

General Electric, the nation’s largest producer of wind turbines, is blaming a drop in orders on the uncertainty surrounding a wind-production tax credit.

GE’s wind sales fell 37 percent from the second quarter of 2011 to the same quarter in 2012, the company announced Friday in its second-quarter earnings report. Deirdre Latour, a spokeswoman for GE, attributed […]

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Markey: GOP will blame immigrants for wildfires, but not climate change

Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) hammered Republicans on Friday for downplaying the role of climate change in recent wildfires.

Markey said Republicans will say bureaucratic red tape and “even immigrants” are behind extreme weather incidents before they will admit that climate change is the culprit.

“If we are serious about reducing catastrophic wildfires, we must first acknowledge there […]

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British businessman asks Obama to help develop nuclear reactor

Virgin Group Chairman Richard Branson wants President Obama to commercialize next-generation nuclear reactor technology.

Branson wrote a letter asking to meet with Obama and Energy Secretary Steven Chu about the idea, writes The Guardian.

Obama declined.

Still, Obama has been friendly to nuclear power during his administration, perhaps one of the few pieces of common ground he shares […]

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Three Years Ago at Google

43 years ago today, man first walked on the Moon.

Three years ago today, I went to Google for the first time and gave a talk there. It was a formative event in more than one way. I met Chris Uhlik, who now serves on the Board of Advisors for Flibe Energy. Chris […]

News bites: Shell’s oil spill response vessel lacks federal certification

Shell’s oil spill response vessel, the Arctic Challenger, lacks federal certification after a series of construction delays, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Green certification labels add about 9 percent to a home’s selling value, a California study of 1.6 million homes sold between 2007 and 2012 showed.

Higher emissions of greenhouse gases methane and black carbon could be […]

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China threatens US solar exports

China delivered another jab Friday to the Obama administration in an escalating battle over solar power manufacturing practices.

China’s trade ministry said that it would investigate U.S. solar-grade polysilicon on anti-dumping and anti-subsidy grounds, Reuters reported. The move is the latest in a series of tit-for-tat measures between China and the United States regarding solar power.

Obama […]

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GOP-led panel rips GOP donor’s business practices in Peru

A Republican-controlled House panel on Thursday took the highly unusual step of slamming a U.S. company’s environmental and trade practices abroad.

The Foreign Affairs Committee’s human-rights panel held a hearing on the mining practices of Doe Run Peru, which is accused of running smelting operations that have caused massive environmental contamination. The company is a […]

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Reports: Obama backs Iraqi concerns with Exxon deal

Iraq’s prime minister said President Obama is backing the Iraqi central government’s concerns with Exxon’s oil deal with the autonomous Kurdish region, according to published reports Thursday.

Exxon’s exploration deal has infuriated Baghdad, which says oil deals should go through the central government. Iraq’s government has reportedly asked Obama to intervene to prevent Exxon from carrying […]

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OVERNIGHT ENERGY: Wildfires, forest health come into focus

State of Play: A House Natural Resources Committee panel will gather Friday for a hearing on a trio of bills designed to curb wildfire risks and improve forest health.

Click here for more on the hearing.

The committee event follows big Western blazes that have devastated swaths of Colorado and other areas this summer.

It also arrives as […]

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