The Coalition of Freedom formed in the footsteps of the Ronald Reagan legacy, believes that some divine inspiration and the lessons learned from the life of Ronald Regan will help us save our free nation. The Coalition of Freedom wants to be that driving force of limited government and rugged individualism.

Two quotes often repeated by Ronald Reagan bear remembering in our day: “All of this has happened before” and “Those who do not remember their history are condemned to repeat it.” Current events are unfolding just as they did in 1980. Just as in 1980 when we had an evil empire threatening the U.S., we have evil empires threatening us now. Just as in 1980 when we were dependent upon OPEC and we were at the mercy of many radical Islamic nations, we are back to being at the mercy of OPEC and those same radical Islamic nations. This time we have no Ronald Reagan who will push common sense conservative American ideals. “We the People” have to be the Ronald Reagan for our time. We must unite for our liberty. “We the People” have the resources available to us to overcome OPEC and let the free market work.

These are the issues that crossed party lines then and they will cross party lines now! American Exceptionalism, Energy Independence, and Limited Government were the hallmarks of the Reagan administration and we feel they continue to be worthy causes for the patriot movement of today. The federal government is standing in our way of making use of our own energy resources under the guise of environmental safety.

Domestic Energy is The Sovereignty of each State to compete which allows us to accomplish all the hallmarks of the Reagan Administration: American Exceptionalism, Energy Independence, and Limited Government. State Sovereignty allows us to limit the Federal Government by “Just Saying No” to big government rules, regulations, and mandates, which prevents Ohioans and Ohio businesses from utilizing their vast energy resources and creating hundreds of thousands of jobs — jobs that allow Ohioans to pursue their dreams and in so doing pursue American Exceptionalism.