CASEnergy Member Frank Stewart Discusses Jobs in Nuclear Energy on the Washington Informer News

CASEnergy Member and President of the American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE) Frank Stewart was featured on the Washington Informer News program to discuss scholarship opportunities and encourage African-American students to pursue careers in the energy industry.

AABE was established 35 years ago to encourage involvement of African Americans in energy policy-making and serve as a resource for discussion of the economic, social and political impact energy has on African-American communities around the nation. One of the positive impacts, which Stewart shares during his interview, is the high volume of job creation in nuclear energy.

With continued trends in unemployment, Stewart encourages students to pursue a career in the fast-growing American nuclear industry, which offers thousands of well-paying, long-term careers in communities across the U.S. Opportunities exist for a variety of positions in nuclear energy, including engineers, technicians, skilled trade and technology workers, and more. Nuclear energy has the ability to transform communities with new jobs and economic development. The 104 reactors in operation around the country each contributes an average of $430 million a year in total economic output for their local communities. That money comes in salaries, materials and state and local taxes for better schools, roads, hospitals and other infrastructure.

Learn more about job opportunities in nuclear energy and watch the complete interview with Frank Stewart below.

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