17 Apr 2014

California Energy Update: Part V

By wlusvardi • Green Power Keeps Shifting Costs to Ratepayers Who Don’t Use It • What’s Best Way to Save Water and Energy During CA Drought? • CA Desert Solar Tower Project Zoning Shifts Pollution to Las Vegas • Appeals Court Rejects Nat Gas Power Plant on Same Day as Power Alert...
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16 Apr 2014

Republicans for Obama Energy (Senate Finance Committee okays wind subsidies)

By gschleede “The April 3rd action by the Senate Finance Committee certainly helps explain why a recent Gallup Survey shows that Congress currently has a 13% favorability rating. If the nation’s ‘Millennials’ understand how the Congress is adding to the debt that they and their...
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15 Apr 2014

AWEA Spins Price Distortions to Save PTC (hit on nuclear clouds CO2 rationale)

By rbradley “Negative prices are not the goal of any healthy economy, yet the PTC fosters this behavior at the expense of other, reliable generation. Building more infrastructure to correct for this problem is exactly the wrong thing to do.” The last extension of the federal...
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14 Apr 2014

AWED Energy & Environmental Newsletter: April 14, 2014?

By jdroz The Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions (AWED) is an informal coalition of individuals and organizations interested in improving national, state, and local energy & environmental policies. Our basic position is that technical matters like these should be addressed by...
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11 Apr 2014

LEEDCo Lake Erie Wind Project: Joint Letter of Protest

By slange “We ask that you deny any permit to LEEDCo for siting of 6-9 turbines in Lake Erie…. Sadly, it is extremely easy to refute and challenge the environmental guidance this project is putting before you. It is disappointing that this project has progressed even thus far.”...
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10 Apr 2014

LEEDCo Wind Project’s Mega-Opposition (Junking Lake Erie at Taxpayers’ Expense)

By slange [Editor note: The Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation (LEEDCo) has proposed to erect between six and nine industrial wind turbines just off the shore of Cleveland. The so-called INCUBATOR project is currently before the Ohio Power Siting Board.] “We are thrilled to...
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09 Apr 2014

Last Dance for IPCC Group II Report? (NYT’s Gillis, alarmism go wobbly)

By jrust “Natural forces causing climate change such as solar sunspots, earth’s orbit changes, ocean currents, volcanoes, etc. are considered unimportant during this period of increased fossil-fuel-produced carbon dioxide (mid-20th century to the present).  This is a serious...
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08 Apr 2014

Peabody Energy: Let’s Talk About Energy Inequality (coal for the masses, solar and wind for the elites)

By rbradley “Policies that force use of more expensive, less reliable energy push costs throughout the economy and place the heaviest burden on the world’s poor and low-income citizens. We need all forms of energy to address global needs, and we must recognize the...
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07 Apr 2014

Solar Land Blues: The Eco Reality of Dilute Energy

By rbradley “As citizens, we need to call on our leaders to make thoughtful choices about where to site industrial-scale development and renewable energy projects, and to create a legacy for our national parks and to public lands everywhere.” - Mark Butler, “Saving the Mojave...
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04 Apr 2014

Right on Green: In Search of Authentic Free-market Environmentalism (Book review, ‘Responsibility & Resilience: What the Environment Means to Conservatives’)

By jneeley “Conservative Me Too-ism is well represented in Responsibility & Resilience, at times almost to the point of tedium. The two American politicians with entries in the volume – former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and former New York City mayor Michael...
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