08 Sep 2014

“Population: The Ultimate Resource” (2000): Introduction by Barun Mitra

By rbradley “It is ironic that many environmentalists who would herald similar growth in population of some of the endangered species as a very good indicator of the environmental health of the planet, see the success of man as a harbinger of environmental doom. Even many...
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05 Sep 2014

HumanProgress.org (Julian Simon Lives! at the Cato Institute)

By rbradley “While we think that policies and institutions compatible with freedom and openness are important factors in promoting human progress, we let the evidence speak for itself. We hope that this website leads to a greater appreciation of the improving state of the...
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04 Sep 2014

EPA’s Powerplant Rules: Serfdom for the States

By rmichaels “FERC Commissioner Tony Clark seems to be about the only person currently on record to see what’s coming…. In Commissioner Clark’s words, each state with an approved plan ‘will have entered a comprehensive “mother-may-I?” relationship...
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03 Sep 2014

BC’s Carbon Tax: Inapplicable to America

By mlewis To persuade Americans — especially conservatives and libertarians — that a carbon tax can “work” (reduce emissions) without harming the economy, some proponents tout British Columbia’s carbon tax, enacted in May 2008. How relevant is the British Columbia (BC) “model” to...
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02 Sep 2014

Big Wind’s Last Gasp

By llinowes Wind energy development in the United States has slumped. Despite record installations in 2012, and eking out a 1-year, $12 billion extension [1] of the wind production tax credit (PTC), new wind capacity last year fell to just 1,087 megawatts, a level not seen in...
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27 Aug 2014

MasterResource on Break (back September 2nd)

By rbradley … and already looking forward to the November release of Alex Epstein’s historic, timely call to national/international debate. Early Praise ….  “With more politicians in climate science than scientists, the refining fire of debate has devolved...
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26 Aug 2014

James Hansen: “I Struggle to Sleep” (with current energy trends, energy policy)

By rbradley “Events are spiraling down so rapidly that I struggle to sleep…. Ironically, environmental groups’ insistence that renewables are the only alternative to fossil fuels actually assures expansion of fracking, locking in long-term dependence on gas for electricity, and...
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25 Aug 2014

Desrochers on Food: Politically Incorrect, Economically and Environmentally Correct

By rbradley A culture war on college campuses today revolves around the politics of food production. In countless departments (history, sociology, anthropology, geography), and in so-called grievance (race, gender, class) programs, students are bombarded with the SOLE...
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21 Aug 2014

Exposing Big Bad Green

By cbeisner Three major stories about the Green movement and its ties to major Left-wing foundations and Left-wing journalists have been in the news. MediaTrackers uncovered Gamechanger Salon, a secretive group of over 1,000 Leftwing leaders and activists from organizations like...
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20 Aug 2014

Industrial Wind Needs Blowback (Siemens ad campaign targeting U.S. taxpayers)

By mkbarton “Since Siemens’ tax-sheltering market is drying up in Europe, their marketing efforts in the U.S. are clearly geared towards increasing income for its investors via wind’s tax sheltering schemes here. Taxpayers, consumers take note!” If you watch much mainstream...
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