08 Apr 2014

Peabody Energy: Let’s Talk About Energy Inequality (coal for the masses, solar and wind for the elites)

By rbradley “Policies that force use of more expensive, less reliable energy push costs throughout the economy and place the heaviest burden on the world’s poor and low-income citizens. We need all forms of energy to address global needs, and we must recognize the...
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07 Apr 2014

Solar Land Blues: The Eco Reality of Dilute Energy

By rbradley “As citizens, we need to call on our leaders to make thoughtful choices about where to site industrial-scale development and renewable energy projects, and to create a legacy for our national parks and to public lands everywhere.” - Mark Butler, “Saving the Mojave...
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04 Apr 2014

Right on Green: In Search of Authentic Free-market Environmentalism (Book review, ‘Responsibility & Resilience: What the Environment Means to Conservatives’)

By jneeley “Conservative Me Too-ism is well represented in Responsibility & Resilience, at times almost to the point of tedium. The two American politicians with entries in the volume – former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and former New York City mayor Michael...
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03 Apr 2014

Adults Reject Climate Catastrophe, Alarmists Bring In the Children (thoughts on Hansen’s latest)

By rbradley “Beware, the youth should also be told, of Climate Kings, Climate Queens, Climate Duces, and worse masquerading as infallible purveyors of truth. Climate Planning is the fatal conceit of Economic Planning on stilts.” As has been well reported in the media,...
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02 Apr 2014

Big Solar: Big Gas (Ivanpah’s ‘dirty power’)

By wlusvardi “It has been lauded as the world’s largest solar power plant, but the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (ISEGS) could also be called the world’s largest gas-fired power plant (largest in physical size, not gas consumption).” Chris Clarke continues in his...
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01 Apr 2014

“The Onion” Headlines We Would Love to See (some fun with fading Malthusianism, cronic cronyism)

By rbradley If a New York Times editorial can debunk the population scare (“Overpopulation Is Not the Problem,” 9-14-2013), surely it is time for The ONION to go to school on alarmism in all of its flavors. Political satire and parodies are forces for challenging and...
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31 Mar 2014

Going on Offense: The American Energy Renaissance Act of 2014 (Cruz, Bridenstine set tone for post-Obama world)

By rbradley “[The AERA] will prevent federal regulation of hydraulic fracturing, facilitate the expansion of domestic refining capacity, improve processes to develop energy infrastructure, stop EPA overreach and its war on coal, force Congress and the President to approve any new...
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28 Mar 2014

Human Achievement Hour: Lights On!

By wyeatman “[P]eople are living longer and healthier because the world is wealthier, and fossil energy supports economic growth and technological progress in scores of countries around the world.” - Marlo Lewis, “‘Sustainability’: Some Free Market Reflections,” February 11,...
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27 Mar 2014

U.S. National Academy of Sciences: Doubling Down on Climate Alarmism (and taking science down a notch with it)

By jrust Last month, the United States National Academies of Sciences (NAS) issued the following news release inviting the public to a joint meeting with the UK Royal Society: Join NAS and The Royal Society for the Launch of a Joint Publication on Climate Change Science On...
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26 Mar 2014

Attacks on Fracking Attack U.S. Consumers

By severley “The Wind Energy Foundation says wind and gas make for a “mutually beneficial relationship” and experts have identified how fluctuating electrical demand requires baseload sources like natural gas to keep the lights on. Proposing a ban on fracking – and by...
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