19 Aug 2014

Letter to Auditor General for Ontario from North American Platform Against Windpower

By slange To: Ms. Bonnie Lysyk (Auditor General for Ontario)       (Letter of August 11, 2014) Dear Ms Lysyk, Please consider this letter as an urgent formal request for a complete and impartial audit for all matters pertaining to the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, 2009, and...
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18 Aug 2014

AWED Energy & Environmental Newsletter: August 18, 2014

By jdroz The Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions (AWED) is an informal coalition of individuals and organizations interested in improving energy & environmental policies. Our basic position is that technical matters like these should be addressed by using Real Science. It’s...
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14 Aug 2014

Can CARB and U.C. Handle the Truth About Cap and Trade? A Rebuttal

By wlusvardi “[The] almost certain outcome is that within a few days after January 1, 2015, the cap-and-trade program will cause the price of gasoline in California to increase by 9-10 cents, less than the drop in gas prices over the last few weeks…. Before I move to confront...
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13 Aug 2014

“Environmental Justice” Injustice (EPA elitism, expoitation)

By jrust The words “environmental justice“ were coined years ago to help stop low-income living areas from being selected for unwanted property additions such as landfills and industrial plants. Now, this term is used by environmentalists to enlist minority groups such as...
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12 Aug 2014

Glenn Schleede’s (Polite) Reality Check to an Idealistic DOE Intern

By rbradley At the U.S. Department of Energy has a blog site called Breaking Energy, an (unnamed) intern wrote a post last Friday, “How I Energized My Summer: An Intern’s Inside Look at the Department of Energy.” “In Public Affairs,” he or she said, “our job is to help explain...
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11 Aug 2014

An Unending Production Tax Credit? (IRS pushes Obama energy policy)

By rbradley Last month, GE’s Chief Financial Officer, Jeff Bornstein,  complained that IRS rules defining ‘begin construction’ were still too vague and holding up delivery of 400 to 500 turbines. “We expect that clarification to come from the Treasury in...
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07 Aug 2014

Bill Gates on “The Bet” (Julian Simon’s continued march into the mainstream)

By rbradley “Paul Ehrlich and John Holdren, take note. Look who is in the mainstream now! Julian Simon, step by step, is becoming the intellectual king of the sustainable development hill. First came Bjorn Lomborg. Then Paul Sabin. And now Bill Gates.” Julian Simon, with his...
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06 Aug 2014

Energy Efficiency: Two Narratives (market sense versus regulation and political correctness)

By jclarkson “Tell me, JJ, what’s this capital request all about?” “Boss, this is for a heat exchanger that will use our cooling-tower water for meeting our air conditioning needs when it’s cold outside. I figure it will save 5% of the power we now use for operating our...
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05 Aug 2014

A Good Scientist Terminated (windpower noise researcher pays price)

By jdroz A passion of mine is defending my profession (Science) from assault. Such is approaching a full-time job, as those promoting political or economic agendas are painfully aware that real Science is a major threat to their aspirations — so they are aggressively attacking it...
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04 Aug 2014

Hansen Warns Against ‘Cap-and-Tax’ (Steyer and California, are you listening?)

By rbradley “What, in short, if there is government failure in the quest to address what is seen as market failure? James Hansen should consider supporting his scheme inside the ivory tower, not outside in the real world policy. The two are not the same.” As California labors...
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