For several years, the United Kingdom has been planning for the deployment of up to 12 new nuclear reactors to replace the advanced gas-cooled reactors that will be shut down over the next 12 years.

To that end, eight sites were identified around England and Wales that would be permitted to host new nuclear plants. Each of these sites has or has had a nuclear reactor there previously. Several consortia of utilities and vendors formed to develop new reactors at each of these sites, and one of them, Horizon Nuclear Powery, was a joint venture of the German utility E.ON and RWE npower, a UK-based electricity and gas supply generation company.

Horizon had planned to build new reactors at the Wylfa and Oldbury sites in the UK, but today they announced that they would not, siting the global economic crisis and the financial after-effects of Germany’s plan to phase out nuclear power.

Last fall, Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) announced that they were pulling out of the NuGeneration consortium, which has planned to build new reactors at the Sellafield site in Cumbria. The NuGeneration consortium still plans to continue without SSE.

BBC: Is the UK’s nuclear future in jeopardy?

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