Kirk Sorensen Interview 1370 AM WSPD

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Don Larson Interview on WSPD1370AM

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Recent Revelations about Radiation

Not really.  Not if you’ve been paying attention to this field for years.

But the thing that excites me is that the issue is beginning to percolate into the public consciousness a bit more than before. Could it be a bit of a backlash against the fear/uncertainty/doubt that the media drove upon us after the […]

Energy From Thorium Top 10 Attributes

Here is a resource paper/technology sell sheet from Flibe Energy on the top ten basic attributes/reasons why LFTRs (Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors) should be pursued. This is a very easy to use resource to have handy when you are talking to a legislator or talking to a friend, neighbor, or family member. While Thorium’s use […]

Element Popularity

In doing so one gets a lot of errors since certain element names have alternative meanings. For example Tin is short for Tax Identification Number (used for tax purposes in the United States) and Triangulated Irregular Network (a digital data structure), which is amplifying its google hits.
Disregarding the errors there is […]

ThEC12 Presentations Available (Video)

The world is waking up to the huge potential of Thorium to solve the looming energy crisis; ThEC12 in Shanghai was the event of the year for everyone with an interest in the future of Thorium Energy and its many related fields.

China is taking the lead in exploring fresh approaches to […]

Energy and The Economy



Energy consumption correlates almost perfectly with the growth of the economy, increases in life expectancy and the standard of living.   There is a very short sighted movement afoot to discourage our use of energy.    There is a revolution going on in Energy in the US which if allowed to flourish will usher in a new […]

The Plan

As we have for most of human history, we stand at the edge of an energy crisis. The methods by which we have powered our society have come to a limit, and a change is necessary. Seven hundred years ago in England, the energy crisis was caused by massive deforestation and a lack of firewood. […]

Wired Magazine: Thorium, the New Green Nuke

Photo: Thomas Hannich

The thick hardbound volume was sitting on a shelf in a colleague’s office when Kirk Sorensen spotted it. A rookie NASA engineer at the Marshall Space Flight Center, Sorensen was researching nuclear-powered propulsion, and the book’s title — Fluid Fuel Reactors — jumped out at him. He picked it up and thumbed through it. Hours later, he was still […]

Machine Design Magazine Article: Thinking Nuclear? Think Thorium

Thorium-based reactors could be more efficient and create less waste than today’s uranium-based generating plants.

From the early 1950s to the mid-1970s, an active RD program at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tenn. came up with a promising way to use thorium for making large amounts of energy cleanly and safely. It was based on a revolutionary kind […]